Guettli's Collection of Scripts

Gthumpy GTK-GUI for images from a digital camera. You can enter metadata (date, title, description), switch between directories and display all images of a directory. You can created a slide show of static HTML files, too. Very simple vocabulary trainer. It is for Germans who want to improve their English.
TypeTrainer Very simple typewriting trainer written in C with ncurses
TypeTrainerGUI Very simple typewriting trainer written in Python and GTK
WLAN in Chemnitz Description of our WLAN in Chemnitz (Germany)
OOPServer Zope Product for creating small customized document-management systems. FAQ. Deprecated: I switched from Zope to ZODB+ZEO+Quixote.
zope-client A small enhancement of Amos Latteier's Zope Client: Access Zope via xmlrpc with a wxpython GUI. Deprecated: I don't use Zope any more.

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